I’ve been starting and stopping on this simple project for a while — but I’m finally in the final stages and wrapping up the combination radiator cover and window seat. I still need to add the mounting cleats and add small vents at the top apron to improve air flow. Naturally, its going to be primed and painted as well.

2007.04.14 Projects

I’ve added a secondary workbench to help with prep space and other ongoing project’s overflow. It also provides a more permanent place for my compound miter saw and drill press. The simple bench was constructed from 2×4s and 3/4 inch plywood and a few salvaged drawers from an old desk. Great for a basement workshop!

How hard do you think it’d be to find a reasonably priced router table? I have a handheld router that I’d like to undermount to a table.

So I took a trip to Lowe’s to see what they had. The bulk of their offerings were either Skil or Vermont American (which looked like a rebranded Skil). The fences on them were pretty poor - they ranged in price from approximately $85 to $130.

The only real option I saw there was a Bosch table that looked pretty nice but cost $250. Isn’t there a decent one for less?!? I saw this one at Sears but I don’t think it fits my router.

I just got a Rockler catalog in the mail and they had a decent looking model but I don’t know anyone who has one to validate its quality.