Fellow blogger Ellie from Mint Design Blog posted a great idea. This holiday season should be a handmade one! Anyone can whip out the credit card for something at Gap or a Starbucks gift card, but it would show a lot more care and thought into the gift if you choose or made a handmade item instead. Since more handmade items are unique or hard to come by, its really showing that some consideration went into the gift. It doesn't need to be expensive either.

Of course, I didn't mind that Ellie has chosen one of my iPod or iPhone stands as one of the highlighted gift choices.

My iPod cases were recently selected at Apartment Therapy's 'Unplugged' as other items you might want to think about for sustainable and unique wood items.

On a recent visit to the Peabody Essex Museum I noticed a display for joinery. This was outside their Chinese House exhibit. The Yin Tu Tang house is a late Qing Dynasty merchant's house. As one would expect considering its age, it was made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery. However, the variation and complexity of what they used is quite impressive. I've included a few shots of the display case, but I also recommend to walk through their interactive website to see more detailed examples.

I don't think I'll be able do all that fancy joinery, but if I can master half of it, I'll be quite content!

I have need to keep my iPod Touch handy at work. I keep my calendar on it and I love being able to listen to some tunes on Pandora while I get things done. I wanted something a little different, unique, classy and stylish. Of course, I didn't want it to be made of plastic either but something a little more eco-friendly. So I took matters in my own hands and made just the thing that solves all these needs! Behold the Passant Maple and Mahogany iPod and iPhone Stand! I hope you like it as much as I did making it.

Click here to buy the Maple and Mahogany iPod and iPhone Stand